• Country: India

    This day I realised the beauty of small things in Gods creation.

  • Country: Macedonia

    I surprised this one when he was poised to hunt, and he dived right down into the safety of the dense reed. These days there is some intense algae blooming, so snakes are frequently hidden poised to strike from within the greenish camo, with only their head showing.

  • Country: Nepal

    This thin layer of cloud moving in quickly to separate the peaks of the mountains from the base while crossing the Chola Pass. The scale of the glacier can be seem by a small person in the bottom left and a colorful yellow tent in the center.

  • Country: Romania

    sepia dry flower

  • Country: Indonesia

    Buffalo competition is one of culture heritage in bali Indonesia. we doing this competition every 2 weeks, we call this competition Makepung. this is one of traditional sport in bali.

  • Country: United States

    Take a step back in history walking along this beautiful southern plantation. Let your mind wander as you take a stroll long ago.

  • Country: New Zealand

    Ice blue water waterfall at New Zealand

  • Country: United Kingdom

    Resting in the Sun I went to put on my Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro lens and it stayed for just one shot.

  • Country: United States

    A mother duck with her ducklings.

  • Country: Macedonia

    Exceptional clarity of Lake Ohrid makes it an excellent ambient for all kinds of underwater photography.

  • Country: Macedonia

    Lake Ohrid is still enjoying the wintry backstage, as the surrounding mountains wear their snow caps.

  • Country: Cambodia

    The temple in the forest

  • Country: Canada

    Wild berries frozen after the ice storm of 2013

  • Country: Russian Federation

    Bower on the lake of the woods

  • Country: India

    It was the end of monsoon and a lovely morning after rain fall. I noticed the leafs and water droplets over it.Went to take a nice snap.

  • Country: United States

    A dog laying his head on a stone that has the word love.

  • Country: United States

    Storm clouds coming in over Lake Namekagon.

  • Country: Macedonia

    A close-up of the new rose shoots, adorned with water drops. As always, whatever water touches, becomes special...

  • Country: Croatia Republic

    Busy, busy, buzzing and gathering... not an easy life! :)

  • Country: United States

    I was hiking by lake Houston and saw this very cool water flower pod thing. Took the shot and got this.