• Country: Croatia Republic

    Neretva (rivermouth Delta, Croatia) joins the Adriatic in the shade of Peljesac peninsula. The local winds blow across the river flow, creating ideal sailing conditions. The windsurfing addicts can often be seen speeding out of the river into the sea and back. And faraway isles of deposited silt create nifty resting places, too!

  • Country: United States

    A beautiful morning in Monument Valley.

  • Country: France

    Blue Eiffel Tower Close Up at Night

  • Country: India

    The path view. the way to Dziikou valley in Manipur, India.

  • Country: Macedonia

    Lake Chubs (Squalius cephalus), hanging motionlessly in the sunlit water soak up the warmth. These beautiful animals are unalarmed at my approach, sensing no danger. Since they see me almost every summer day, theyll often follow me and allow very close photos. It is an exhilarating experience, earned by patience.

  • Country: India

    In the coffee estate

  • Country: Macedonia

    Nature artistry, still unsurpassed by anything humans can paint...

  • Country: India


  • Country: Nepal

    bird child born from egg. (New Generation)

  • Country: Philippines

    These are two of the very many colorful wind-driven paraws (sail-boats) getting ready in the early morning to participate in the Iloilo City Paraw Regatta last February 22, 2015.

  • Country: Italy

    In a field they were just making a touch of contrast.

  • Country: India

    Chameleon on a wall

  • Country: Greece

    The blue sea

  • Country: Myanmar

    The biggest temple amidst thousands of heritages in Bagan during winter sunrise.

  • Country: Canada

    reflecting on nature passing by

  • Country: United States

    This photo was taken by my 13yr old niece, Raina. She took it with her iphone. She has an amazing eye for light and subject matter.

  • Country: United States

    This is a photo of a flower in one spot color.

  • Country: India

    cloud means pain and rain drops mean tears .

  • Country: Cyprus

    Because every morning i enjoy my garden, i like to share that

  • Country: Indonesia

    the spider carrying her eggs and looks like being mirrored